What we stand for

Health Care

We are a company that develops medical and healthcare devices that can monitor the health status of patients and users by combining flexible pressure sensors with multiple devices.

Pressure sensor

Based on flexible pressure sensor technology, we are conducting our own R&D and selling products that combine sensors with various devices such as mats, cushions, and gloves.

Exclusive technology

Using our original technology, a wearable pressure sensor, using a solution process-based semiconductor process that can be mass-produced at low cost, a pressure sensor made of a wearable polymer material is attached to the top of the mattress.

About Sensomedi Product

A flexible pressure sensor-based mattress for sleep meta-information monitoring and non-invasive medical measurement equipment (prototype production stage) A flexible pressure sensor is manufactured from a wearable polymer material and attached to the top of the mattress to monitor the movements of insomnia patients and users in real time. Mattress and non-invasive medical measurement equipment with real-time system that monitors and transmits the user’s status

A service platform that monitors and provides information on the user’s sleep state through a mattress with a built-in flexible pressure sensor module (under development)

The sensor detection signal in the sleep monitoring mat is correlated with the human body’s motion to enable real-time sleep monitoring, so it is produced and analyzed to be linked to 6 general sleeping postures during sleep. to classify sleep patterns. A service platform that collects, analyzes and categorizes clinical data of various individual conditions, such as gender, weight, and height, and specifies the ideal sleeping position for each body, enabling monitoring whether the body is in a comfortable or strained position during sleep.



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